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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Getting Started

Would you like to learn how to manage and landscape your property so that it helps prevent algal blooms and does not negatively impact the water quality of our lakes? You may not be aware that Great Pond is on the Department of Environmental Protection's "Lakes at Risk from Development" list and both Great and Long Ponds are on their "Non Point Source Pollution Priority Watersheds" list.  Minimizing the negative impact our activities have on our resources has now become critical!

In response to this need, the Belgrade Lakes Association announced its strong support for a program called LakeSmart. The Belgrade Lakes Association embraced this program because it is friendly, individualized, science-driven and effective. Most importantly, this program was developed for the people on the front line of defense, the watershed property owners. Past participants of the program are telling us this program fits their needs without being overwhelming or intrusive!

Here's How You Can Get Started With Lakesmart today:

Schedule An Individual Evaluation Of Your Property by contacting your Belgrade Lakes Association, P.O. Box 551, Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918, (207) 512-5150 or via email:  

The Next Step - The Lakesmart Evaluation is the next step in the process of receiving a LakeSmart Certificate of Recognition or LakeSmart Award. An evaluator will conduct a site visit and score your property in five categories: road, driveway and parking areas; structures and septic system; lawn, recreation areas and footpaths; shorefront and beach areas; and undeveloped land.

If you’d like to review the form the evaluator uses, simply click "LakeSmart Property Evaluation Form" in the LakeSmart section of the Belgrade Lakes Association website.

And Finally -

Lakesmart Recognition is given to property owners who receive appropriate scores in any of the five categories of property maintenance.

The Lakesmart Award plaque and sign is presented to owners who overall reach a high level of environmentally sound design, maintenance and landscaping of their properties.


For a list of individuals who have received awards on Great and Long Ponds, please click "LakeSmart Awards and Certificates of Recognition" in the LakeSmart section of the Belgrade Lakes Association website.

The Results

Imagine the impact we could have if every watershed property owner would commit to making his property environmentally friendly. We invite you to join us and learn more about how you can become LAKESMART!

Belgrade Lakes Association LakeSmart Program Contact information

Barbara Barrett, Belgrade Lakes Association's LakeSmart Coordinator

email address:

Phone number: (207) 512-5150



To protect and improve the watershed of Great Pond and Long Pond through preservation, education, and action.

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